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The Hays County Food Bank - 1684 Words

This semester the agency that I chose to work closely with is the Hays County Food Bank. This is a private nonprofit agency that distributes food to the people who are truly struggling to make ends meet. There is currently no longer a social worker at the food bank, but I did interview my two supervisors. I worked closely with my two supervisors, Jason and Chadwic, while both work for this nonprofit agency and both have a bachelor’s degree, they have very different backgrounds and experiences. The Volunteer Services Coordinator, Jason Kamimoto, achieved his bachelors at a school located in Hawaii. Jason makes sure there is enough volunteers present each day to make every distribution successful. Although this is Jason’s first nonprofit†¦show more content†¦Each day is a different assignment; the clients use our website to know where and when each distribution is everyday that week plus at each distribution it is announced before the distribution begins. (The H ays County Food Bank 2016) The social problem my agency focuses on is trying to end the hunger within the community; we give in-kind benefits of food to clients twice a week. We even do emergency food to people who are truly in need. I’m very fortunate that the agency I chose not only helps individual clients in Hay County, but also supports other agencies within San Marcos such as South Side, Hope and Love, Redwood and multiple other agencies. These agencies serve the homeless, elderly, children, families and individuals who are economically disadvantaged. The requirements are pretty simple the potential client has to live in Hays County and also meet the federal income guidelines, otherwise known as means testing. The individual clients seem embarrassed at first, they try to explain their situation, but I explain to them that I’m not there to judge. When they start to become regulars you can tell they are there to provide for their families. Most of the people who come in are either college stu dents or middle-aged family members. A lot of the clients were white and Hispanic women, who are trying to provide for their family. As the volunteer Coordinator informed me we get our funding through public and private grants, city funding, and even private donations. TheShow MoreRelatedSouthside Community Center Literature Review1502 Words   |  7 PagesJanuary 2016 (Henry, Watt, Rosenthal Shivji, 2016). Families account for 37% of the homeless population (Holtrop, Mneil McWey, 2015). Although the exact number of the homeless population in Hays County is currently unknown, the Hays County Food Bank (2016) reports show 25,120 residents are considered food insecure, including 8,990 children. Approximately 37 percent of the population in San Marcos lives below the federal poverty line, compared with 17.4 percent throughout Texas (Walsh, 2014). ARead MoreThe Red Lake County Soil And Water Conservation District1487 Words   |  6 PagesRed Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District has a mission to apply conservation practices to the land and provide educational opportunities to landowners and groups. Yo u strive to develop cooperative programs to address resource needs and to work with the public to achieve sound management of our natural resources. I believe that the draining of our wetlands in this county is detrimental to the environment and hurts the economy of the county. Educating the farmers of the county on the impactRead MoreAbstract. Wetlands Are An Important Part Of Our Ecosystem.They1505 Words   |  7 PagesRed Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District has a mission to apply conservation practices to the land and provide educational opportunities to landowners and groups. You strive to develop cooperative programs to address resource needs and to work with the public to achieve sound management of our natural resources. I believe that the draining of our wetlands in this county is detrimental to the environment and hurts the economy of the county. Educating the farmers of the county on the impactRead MoreChoosing A Project At The Beginning Of This Course14 28 Words   |  6 Pagesin community life. Our hope in pursuing this project, later modified to Bigs with Badges to include all departments, was to match first responders with children waiting to be matched with a lifelong mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County. With the negativity directed towards police officers and other first responders, this program aimed to bring to light the people behind these badges, hopefully bringing everyone in the community closer together. Throughout the semester, I was veryRead MoreA Report On The Street Downtown Of Edgewood Avenue And Avenue1375 Words   |  6 Pageslearn that the bar and venue had closed. The locks on the doors had been changed, a move that surprised staff, patrons, and apparently even the bar’s owner, Luis Carreras. Erosol LLC is now in bankruptcy court and a legal battle with its landlord. Its bank accounts and material assets have been frozen or seized by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, according to court documents. But Carreras says he has no plans to say farewell to Edgewood Avenue. The company s bankruptcy news came as a surprise to some staffersRead MoreThe Economic Development Of Bangladesh1710 Words   |  7 Pages2010, we can still notice that most of the people are living under poverty line. Furthermore, the economic development of our country comes with an additional cost that is environmental degradation. As the Kuznets’s curve demonstrates developing counties undergo increased environmental degradation with economic growth. Similarly, in Bangladesh, the government encourages industrialization in many sectors to boost economic growth and alleviate poverty. On the other hand, industrialization is not reducingRead MoreEssay on The Fragile Five: Effects on International Business1344 Words   |  6 PagesBrazil Brazil has been on the edge of a recession for a while now. Their growth rate has curbed, leaving inflation at 6% while the growth is sitting near 2% in 2013 (â€Å"Brazil’s†, 2013). Since the growth of the country had been so strong, the Central Bank tried to boost the economy by slashing interest rates, but they ended up making matters worse when they started to raise interest rates back up (Cascione, 2013). The interest rate has already hit 10.5% (Monaghan, 2014). Although the country is strugglingRead MoreBusiness Plan Capstone6220 Words   |  25 Pages†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..21 A. Executive Summary A1. Company Identification: Vegetarian Delight is a food cart that will travel to different locations in Northern Oregon and Southern Washington where there will be special events every month of the year. We will travel to farmers’ markets weekdays during farmer market season with runs from April to October. On the weekends the cart will travel to county fairs and other special weekend events such as concerts, festivals and races. A2. Mission of theRead MoreOrganic Products4246 Words   |  17 Pages growing numbers of ecopreneurs are adopting a different course, focusing on solving the problems facing society through the businesses they create, greening their bottom line. Many are redefining their wealth, as we have, not by the size of their bank account or square footage of their home. Wealth is defined by life’s tangibles: health, wellness, meaningful work, vibrant community life and family.†(John Ivanko.) . The main aim of an ecopreneur is to build a firm which is more sustainable and environmentallyRead MoreTwilight Movie Script11442 Words   |  46 Pageslike purple right?† Charlie asked â€Å"Purples cool† Bella said. â€Å"Okay† Charlie said (Walks out of room) One of the best things about Charlie is he doesn’t hover. (Honk honk, Bella looks out window) â€Å"Bella you remember Billy Black?† Charlie asked â€Å"Yeah, hay your looking good.† Bella said. â€Å"Yeah, I’m still dancing, I’m glade your finally here, Charlie here hasn’t shut up about it since he told me you were coming† Billy said. (Charlie rolls eyes, Jacob smiles) â€Å"Alright keep extorting, ill roll you into the

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James Baldwins Story Sonnys Blues Essay - 1261 Words

James Baldwins Story Sonnys Blues James Baldwin?s story ?Sonny?s Blues? is a deep and reflexive composition. Baldwin uses the life of two brothers to establish parallelism of personal struggle with society, and at the same time implies a psychological process of one brother leaving his socially ingrained prejudices to understand and accept the others flaws. The story is narrated by Sonny?s older brother whom remained unnamed the entire story. Sonnys brother is a pragmatic person, a teacher, husband, and father. He is a typical middle class Joe whose life?s purpose is to conform to society?s rules. He is a conservative person who seldom takes risks, and accepts the majority?s judgment over his. Sonny?s brother has assimilated†¦show more content†¦227).? He never articulates his real fears, but implies them ?loose and dreamlike.? As if the act of mention suspicion of drug use was a calamity in itself. For a while, they stay away from each other, until the news of Sonny?s arrest for drug possession hits Sonny?s brother. Older brother as a child and now as an adult has tried to ignore or deny those feelings of dread and despair because he is afraid of them. He takes bad news somatically ?A great block of ice got settled in my belly and kept melting there slowly all day long, while I taught my classes algebra. It was a special kind of ice. It kept melting, sending trickles of ice water all up and down my veins, but it never got less. Sometimes it hardened and seemed to expand until I felt my guts were going to come spilling out or that I was going to choke or scream (p. 215).? Here Sonny?s brother?s denial mechanism shatters, reality is too big to hide behind apathy. Yet, he does not act upon it. It takes another shock of reality (his daughter death) for him to be in pain, a pain from which he couldn?t hide or deny. It was then when he started to understand Sonny?s sorrow, and writes him a letter, finally. When Sonny gets out jail, he goes to live with older brother. Sonny?s brother begins to end his silence toward Sonny, and to tries to understand Sonnys pain. Yet he is still suspicious of Sonny?s habit ?The idea of searching Sonny?s room made me still. I scarcely dared to admit to myself what I?dShow MoreRelated The Theme of Identity in Sonnys Blues Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pages James Baldwins short story Sonnys Blues highlights the struggle because community involvement and individual identity. Baldwins leading theme - the discovery of identity - is nowhere presented more successfully than in the short story Sonnys Blues (Reilly 56). Individuals breeds isolation and even persecution by the collective, dominant community. This conflict is illustrated in three ways. First, the story presents the alienation of Sonny from his brother, the unnamed narrator. SecondRead MoreJames Baldwin s Sonny s Blues1452 Words   |  6 PagesJames Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues is a short sto ry that, for some people, could be considered a challenging read. Not because of the level of difficulty, but for the fact that it shares a lot of human angst. However, Baldwin’s story still manages to be entertaining, as well as holding many life lessons in it. Baldwin’s story teaches lessons such as; dealing with suffering, being supportive, and accepting differences. James Baldwin’s Sonny’s Blues does a noble job of relating to the readers on variousRead MoreSymbolism in Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin Essay1286 Words   |  6 PagesSymbolism in â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† by James Baldwin In James Baldwin’s â€Å"Sonny’s Blues,† the reader meets Sonny, a recovering addict, and his older brother, a high school teacher. Although these two brothers have completely different lives and personalities, the author’s use of symbolism brings them more tightly together like a real family. Baldwin uses symbols such as ice, lightness and darkness, and jazz music to add more depth and meaning to â€Å"Sonny’s Blues.† People usually think of ice or the coldRead MoreJames Baldwin s Sonny s Blues905 Words   |  4 Pagesanthology, there is a work by James Baldwin entitled Sonny’s Blues. What interests me about this work is the quote, â€Å"For, while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isn’t any other tale to tell, it’s the only light we’ve got in all this darkness.† In this connection, the question that I want to research is why would a man like James Baldwin represent a character like Sonny in Sonny’s Blues? James Baldwin is a man of hisRead MoreDrug Abuse In Sonnys Blues803 Words   |  4 PagesRough Draft James Baldwin’s short story â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† is a timeless piece of literature. In this story, Baldwin captures the reality of drug abuse. He tackles the aspects that accompany it, including the consequences that follow and the impact it has on others. Alongside the underlying themes of this story are memorable characters and an impactive message. â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† leads a story that can easily take place in everyday life. â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† is about two brothers. One whom is an unnamed algebraRead MoreAnalysis Of James Baldwin s Sonny s Blues 916 Words   |  4 PagesJames Baldwin’s story â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† tells the tale of two African-American brothers trying to survive in 1950s America. Both struggle with darkness in their lives, from drugs to bottling up emotions. The following sources were found Literature Research Center’s website. Each of the four sources will be evaluated for the quality of their information, as well as their usefulness on the topic of darkness in â€Å" â€Å"Sonny’s Blues†. Flibbert, Joseph. Sonny s Blues: Overview. Reference Guide to ShortRead MoreThe Biblical Foundation Of James Baldwin s Sonny s Blues1301 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Sonny’s Blues† is one of James Baldwin’s most famous short stories, and probably his most noteworthy one. Countless people have analyzed the several obvious themes and concepts that are within â€Å"Sonny’s Blues,† like jazz music and the unnamed narrator. However, surprisingly, I have not found many articles regarding the several religious and biblical references in my search, despite this themes playing a major role in the short story. There are a few mentions of those references in some articles,Read MoreAnalysis of Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin Essay804 Words   |  4 PagesMollie Colon Comp 111 B04 Mrs. Canella In Class Essay 1 â€Å"Sonny’s Blues† by author James Baldwin tells the tale of two brothers; one good and one evil. The narrator paints the two brothers as â€Å"light† and â€Å"dark†. The author James Baldwin writes about his relationship with his brother Sonny whom was the â€Å"dark† brother. In essence, this story is about the struggle of two black brothers growing up in Harlem. This essay incorporates the struggles that Black men and women go through on a daily basisRead MoreJames BaldwinS Sonnys Blues713 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Harrisons Blues There can be little doubt that the characters who are the most similar in James Baldwins short story Sonnys Blues, and in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.s short story Harrison Bergeron, are the title characters of each respective work. They both embody conceptions of youth within each story Sonny as the younger brother of the nameless narrator in Baldwins tale, and Bergeron as the son of the George and Hazel Bergeron. In their own way, each is antisocial and engage in practices thatRead MoreJames Baldwin s Reality Through Sonny1253 Words   |  6 Pages James Baldwin’s Reality through Sonny Sonny’s Blues digs deeply into the â€Å"Negro American† during Civil Rights and Jim Crow Era’s. Set in Harlem, New York in the 1950’s. James Baldwin’s stories give insight based on events of his culture and this becomes apparent through the analysis of the characters in Sonny’s Blues. James Baldwin uses his talents to paint a vivid picture of African American life through a fictional story of two brothers who chose very different

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Native American Mistreatment Free Essays

They  traveled  across  what  scientists  and  historians  call  the  Ã¢â‚¬Å"land  bridge†Ã‚  that  spanned  the  distance between  modern  day  Russia  and  Alaska. The  natives  separated  into  many  different  factions  and fanned  all  over  North  America;  some  tribes  became  nomadic  roaming  wherever  their  food  supply went  while  other  Ã‚  natives  learned  to  grow  and  sew  crops. The  Native  Americans  lived  in  mostly peaceful  societies  until  1492,  when  Columbus  landed  on  what  is  now  the  Bahamas2  The  natives greeted  Columbus  and  his  crew  with  open  arms  only  to  be  met  with  harsh  treatment,  slavery,  rape, and  death. We will write a custom essay sample on Native American Mistreatment or any similar topic only for you Order Now When  the  Europeans  arrived,  they  forever  changed  the  lives  of  Native  American’s  by trying  to  transform  religion  and  law  that  violated  Native  American  customs. When  Columbus,  a  Roman  Catholic,  landed  in  the  Bahamas  in  1492,  he  was  received amicably  by  the  friendly  Arawak  tribe. The  Arakwak  people  were  a  largely  peaceful  society;  they had  settled  in  the  Caribbean  hundreds  of  years  before  European  explorers  found  them. In Columbus’  private  journal  he  wrote  of  the  Arawak  Ã¢â‚¬Å"  they  willingly  traded  everything  they owned†¦ they  do  not  bear  arms,  and  do  not  know  them,  for  I  showed  them  a  sword,  they  took How to cite Native American Mistreatment, Papers

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What Are Some of the Barriers to Overcome free essay sample

What are some of the barriers to overcome in the rural health care system and how do they affect the quality of physiotherapy care available in rural Australia? Introduction This paper is aimed at examining the barriers in the rural regions that contribute towards a poor physiotherapy care and exploring some strategies to work towards a better physiotherapy care in those regions. With higher mortality rates and lower life expectancy, rural health has been a major concern for the Australian Government and having rural health catch up with the city counterparts is a vision that the government has been working on achieving (Williams et al. 007, p. 380). Physiotherapists are also concerned by this since they contribute to the WHO definition of health by working with people with disabilities through active rehabilitation programs, education, health promotion initiatives, advocacy and strategies to remove barriers, and by fostering increased participation in activities. However, many hurdles stand in the way of this dream coming true and these include cultural, structural, historical and critical factors. We will write a custom essay sample on What Are Some of the Barriers to Overcome or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Historical Factors Australia’s rural economies have always been running on agriculture. For a while now, their economy has been going downhill and this has had consequences on the health care available in these communities. Back in the days, with a stable economy, the inhabitants did not have to travel very far to get a job, earn money and have a respectable living standard. However, events such as globalisation and climate change have had significant consequences on agriculture. There were changes in government subsidies, transport costs, sale of farms, and relocation of farmers off the land (Mahoney et al. 2001, p. 107). The income provided by this industry was no longer sufficient enough for the whole area to survive. In addition to that, with the increased use of machines in such industries, inhabitants found themselves unemployed and had to move to the cities for jobs (Hughes 2009, p. 200). Hence, this resulted in a series of events leading to downgrading of schools, loss of health care workers, closure of banks, hospitals and loss of services such as water and electricity (Mahoney et al. 2001, p. 107). Thus, for those chose to stay back, they did not have adequate health care services and providers to have access to better primary health care such physiotherapy care. Structural Factors This section looks at how some specific forms of social organisations affects rural lives and consequently the quality of physiotherapy care available to the rural communities. Mahoney et al. (2001, p. 106) found that one of the significant structural changes was the relocation of Home and Community Care (HACC) services to the nearest town, which was one hour away and it lead to having a day-to-day support to the elderly moving to an outside location, the potential loss of a personal service and local knowledge of residents requiring services. With the lack of proper infrastructures available for good health care quality, the health care workers move to other towns and the rural communities are left with just one or two doctors. During his study, Mahoney et al. (2001, p. 106) noted that one of the rural communities being studied used to have only one doctor before and he would be on call day and night, seven days a week. If he was away on weekends, inhabitants requiring medical assistance had no other choice than travel long distances to get help. The centralization of local government services away from rural communities leads to the loss of a significant amount of jobs, loss of families, businesses, contributions within the community and the remaining inhabitants felt a bigger burden on their shoulders (Mahoney 2001, p. 106). With the loss of all these services, only second rate services were available to the residents, who would stop using them and move to places where better services and standard of living were available (Mahoney et al. 2001, p. 107). Germov (2009, p. 18) states that the social production and distribution of health and illness highlights that many illnesses are socially produced, such as from exposure to hazardous work practices, which is often the case in the rural communities. Agriculture represents a great aspect of rural life as well as one of the highest risk groups for occupational injury and disease (Welch, 2000). Farms in the rural communities are not only workplaces but are also the homes for a great majority of the population. Hughes (2009, p. 04) believes that the rates of farm injury are quite alarming with tractors, motorcycles, animals, tools and machinery being major causes of these injuries amongst the male population. Welch (2000) also found that the transport injury rates were significantly higher in the rural and remote areas compared to those in the city. This is further supported by an NHRMC report which states that it is â€Å"almost certainly due to a combination of factors including exposure to travel, patterns of alcohol use, conditions of motor vehicles, seat belt use, and access to emergency medical services. It may also be due to less deterrents in the form of lower levels of policing on country roads to check on speeding and drink driving† (Welch. 2000). Children living on a farm are also at risk, with chemicals and machinery lying all around the place and inadequate adult supervision (Hughes 2009, p. 205). Helmets should be provided and used as stated by the Australian Safety Standards and chemicals should be stored in places where children would not be able to have access, to help reduce these risks (Hughes 2009, p. 05). On top of the high injury risks in the rural communities, there exists the problem of adequate access to transport and poor road quality. This restricts the access the few health services available and although the Isolated Travel Allowance partly assists by compensating the partial costs of using a service which is not found locally, the refund provided does not come close to covering the true cost of the time taken off work and the related social expenses (Welch, 2000). Germov (2009, p. 8) states that the social organisation of health care concerns the way a particular society organises, funds, and utilises its health services. In his study, Mahoney (200, p. 106) found that in one of the rural communities, Hopetoun, one public hospital with its own emergency care facilities was created by the merging of three hospitals within the regions. The inhabitants voted to have the hospital changed from being a private ‘bush nursing’ hospital to a public hospital. Cultural Factors The social construction of health and illness is defined by Germov (2009, p. 8) to be the varying definitions of health and illness between cultures and also the changing definitions over time, whereby what is considered to be a disease in one culture or time period may be considered normal and healthy elsewhere and at other times. Germov (2009, p. 18) is of the opinion that notions of health and illness are not necessarily objective facts, but can be social constructions that reflect the culture, politics, and morality of a particular society at a given point in time. This can be easily seen in the rural communities, where health is described as an absence of disease and hence the whole focus of the health care services available in the rural regions is on curative treatment rather than primary care and health promotion (Welch, 2000). According to Welch (2000), the rural culture is such that well-being is often related to productivity and sickness and pain are deemphasised, while importance is attached to being able to carry out daily tasks. People in the rural regions respond to illness depending upon the effects that it has on productivity and they often ignore the illness or tolerate despite discomfort or risk (Welch, 2000). According to Hughes (2009, p. 198), the indigenous people represent a significant portion of the rural population and they are known to have a life expectancy of 20 and 15 years less than non-Aboriginal Australians. Hence, the Indigenous health is a priority. However, primary health care workers find it challenging to work closely with the Indigenous population due to poor communication and cultural differences (Andrews et al. 002, p. 197). This situation is not restricted to just the Indigenous patients but also the Aboriginal health workers since general practitioners are usually uninformed of their availability and role and are hesitant about how to contact or work with them (Andrews et al. 2002, p. 197). One way to ensure access to good quality physiotherapy care is to have physiotherapists and their staffs undertake Aboriginal cultural awareness training (Andrews et al. 2002, p. 198). This can be one sure step towards bridging the gap and providing good healthcare to the Indigenous population. Another aspect of living in a rural community is while you get to know all your neighbours quite well, your neighbours also get to know all about you and your life. This is further supported by Hughes (2009, p. 207), who found that practitioners have a strong sense of ‘being known’ and lacing privacy. This can also be true in the other way, in the sense that inhabitants are reluctant to go to the local medical practitioner due to the lack of privacy in such a small environment, where everyone gets to know everything. Hughes (2009, p. 201) is also of the opinion that closeness the inhabitants have with each other in the rural communities can be a barrier to good healthcare services. She believes that this can exert a great influence on the decision making and judgement skills of a healthcare worker, depending on the relationship the latter has with his/her patients. Critical Factors One of the issues for physiotherapists while working in the rural communities is findings programs which enable them to get better training and increase their skills. The Australian Physiotherapy Association Rural e-Resource has a list of programs available to support clinicians in the rural workplace, including Allied Health Rural and Remote Training and Support Program, which provides CPD for rural and remote clinicians, University of Tasmania Department of Rural Health, which provides a calendar of training programs relevant to rural health, and the Independent Living Centre WA, which provides videoconferencing for clinical and educational events for WA for both the private and public sector. Rural health is also affected by the lack of workforce recruitment and being aware of this issue, the Australian Government has come up with some initiatives to overcome this (Hughes 2009, p. 206-207). These initiatives include Rural Undergraduate Support and Coordination (RUSC) which consists of a greater intake of students from the rural areas and establishment support for rural placements, Australian Government Remote and Rural Nursing Scholarships which offer scholarships for rural and remote nurses to undertake postgraduate study and short courses (Hughes 2009, p. 06-207), and The Australian Government has also put an outcome strategy (Outcome 6) which encourages people outside the rural community to take up a career practising in the rural regions. This strategy is based on the principle ‘the more remote you go, the greater the reward’ (Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, 2009). Conclusion Although most of the barriers standing in the way of better rural health have been identified, not a lot of the strategies undertaken have made even a significant dent in the issue and there still remains an enormous amount of work to be done in this area. Most of the studies and literature found were focusing on the rural health care system, rather than just physiotherapy. However, the initiatives and strategies employed for the general rural health care system would be of some use to providing a good quality physiotherapy care in the rural communities, since the barriers still remain the same. However, more studies focusing on physiotherapy and rural health should be conducted so as to create awareness amongst the Australian physiotherapists’ community and also help the physiotherapist already working in the rural communities.

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How do Video Games Affect Children Professor Ramos Blog

How do Video Games Affect Children Nick White Mr. Ramos English 101 July 25 2019 How do Video Games Affect Children Video games arent going anywhere in 2016 more than 150 million people in the united states alone play at least 3 hours a week. And in 2016 24.5 billion copies of games were sold and that number has been increasing every year. I always see on the news people talking about how video games are hurting kids but they never talk about all the good they can do as well. Games are just like food or alcohol they really arent harmful in moderation, its when you become addicted when it really starts becoming a problem. It is true that games can become addictive and promote violence but they also help with puzzle solving and hand eye coordination. A Lot of people only talk about the bad but im here to tell the facts so you can decide. In 2017 Medical News Today published an article(Nichols) that analyzed 116 scientific studies and this is what they found. The studies showed that playing video games did many things to the brain. They show that the games helped with the subjects attention but primarily sustained and selective attention. They also noticed that the regions of the brain that deal with attention take less activation to turn on and stay focused. The final thing they noticed was that after long term gaming the right hippocampus had actually become enlarged which helps with visuospatial recognition. When 116 studies all come up with the same results then those are some pretty undeniable results. This shows that from a young if kids played video games they would actually pay better attention but it would also be easier for them to pay attention because it would require less work. This is very important because at around age 6 kids literally only have an attention span of 5 minutes so giving them something fun and inviting like a game would help develop their brains a lot and help down the line. Video games arent all good though. Video Games have been proven to raise stress levels for the person playing them. That is why parents who have kids that game a lot note that they tend to act irritable. The games are triggering the fight or flight response in the brain so the slightest thing can set them off (Dunckley). The stimulation, the dopamine that is released when they are doing good, the increased heart rate as they get closer to winning or losing all fed directly into the reactionary system so when they finally beat that level they let out a big BOOYAW or when they lose again they scream and throw the controller. This amount of stress is not safe for kids as itll cause them to have â€Å"trouble managing emotions, suppressing impulses, following directions, dealing with frustration, and executing tasks†(Dunckley). This is all just multiplied if the kid stays up late playing the game and then all the sudden turns it off and tries to sleep. This will cause them to tos s and turn because their brain is still so active that it cant sleep and hinder the amount of REM(deep sleep) the child will get which will make the problems worse. Doctor Dunckley recommends that kids can play games but in very limited quantities and no screens 1 hour before bed time. In his article Rick Missimer talks about the positive and negative sides of videogames and the main good that videogames have is that they are invaluable to teach kids â€Å"some essential skills like strategic thinking, innovative thinking and co-operation†(missimer).When faced with a new problem or a new level in a game you have to use your whole brain to come up with a plan to get past this. Maybe you fail but even in failing you will learn something plus failure just pushes you to try harder and try new ideas. Most games now are either cooperative or online and this allows the gamer to work on their teamwork and communication. One game I play a lot is rainbow six siege and the only way to play is 5 people versus 5 people so you have to work with and communicate with your team who could be completely random people from around the globe that you have to work with to win. You could ignore them or be rude and lose or you talk to them and work as a team to get the job done sure maybe you still lose but maybe you made a new friend or learned something new. Being able to communicate and work with people is an extremely vital skill to have in the real world so being able to practice it and play a game sounds like a pretty good deal to me. So far games seem pretty good right? Well we havent gotten to the biggest downside of video games yet, addiction. Patrick Markey and Christopher Ferguson published a book in 2017 that says â€Å"video gaming raises dopamine levels in the brain to about the same degree that eating a slice of pepperoni pizza or dish of ice cream does† they then continue on and say â€Å"it raises dopamine to roughly double it’s normal resting level, whereas drugs like heroin, cocaine, or amphetamines raise dopamine by roughly ten times that much†(Gray). This goes to show that games arent nearly as addictive as we think they are. People still can become addicted and have negative effects but the addiction comes from somewhere else other than purely dopamine and reward based. In Doctor Grays article he says â€Å"Research shows that the great majority of video gamers, including those who are heavily immersed in games and spend large amounts of time at them, are at least as healthy psychologically, socially, and physically as are non-gamers†(gray). So why do people make such a big deal about being addicted to games when people who play a game that much dont even get affected. Most scientists agree that people arent addicted to the game itself theyre addicted to the escape it gives them from the real world which is a big problem. The more and more you become detached from reality the more and more dangerous you become because you start to believe things that arent true which i think is where people get the idea that video games make people dangerous because they look at the most extreme cases and that gives them the wrong idea. People can play violent video games and not be violent themselves but once they start imagining themselves in that world is when they start bringing that violence into the real world. That doesnt sound like addiction that sounds like they have a mental problem that causes them to feel detached from real life and hide in their vide o games. Video games absolutely have their pros and cons so Its up to you to decide how long you let kids play and what games you let them play   because that could help them in the future or throw them into being a social outcast. The scary thing is that everyone is different and everyone will react differently to different stimulus so we have no way of   knowing what will happen to kids when they play video games. Dunckley, Victoria. â€Å"This Is Your Childs Brain on Video Games.† Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 25 Sept. 2016, Gray, Peter. â€Å"Sense and Nonsense About Video Game Addiction.† Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 11 Mar. 2018, Missimer, Rick. â€Å"The Impact of Video Games on Children.† HealthGuidance, Nichols, Hannah. â€Å"How Video Games Affect the Brain.† Medical News Today, MediLexicon International, 10 July 2017,

Monday, March 2, 2020

Become a Paid Expert by Writing Op-Eds

Become a Paid Expert Have you ever watched a story on the news and thought to yourself, I wish theyd asked me about that. I could have really told them a thing or two? Most of us are experts on something, and if were writers, most of us end up writing about what we know. We can create a positive feedback loop For instance, I was the first person to write a  book about the Upstairs Lounge fire, a terrible arson which killed 32 people at a gay bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans on Gay Pride Day in 1973. Each year, on the anniversary of the fire, newspapers and websites are interested in covering the tragedy. As an expert, I am often approached Likewise, a news story recently began making the rounds about a twelve-year-old girl who spoke in a Mormon church and revealed she was a lesbian, the bishop cutting off her microphone in the middle of her talk. As most of my fiction deals with gay Mormons, I was again an expert who had something meaningful to say on the incident. I submitted an op-ed to a newspaper in a heavily Mormon area, and my views on the importance of LGBTQ literature as a means of understanding our LGBTQ family, friends, and neighbors was published. Do you have a personal, compelling story about our broken healthcare system and why we need single-payer or some more conservative reform? Do you have a story about domestic violence? Our education system? Immigration? Has your home suffered damage in a fracking-related earthquake? Do you have a personal story involving gun violence that allows you to speak either for or against gun regulation? You do not need a PhD in order to be an expert on at least a tiny part of a major subject that newspapers want to hear about. Only a handful of newspapers pay for op-eds (Newsday, The New York Times, Boston Globe, and The Washington Post are a few), so you wont make a great deal of money writing and selling these pieces. But most papers who do publish your editorial or commentary will ask if you want to put the piece on the wire, meaning other newspapers across the country can pick it up and print it as well. You will get no additional income from this, but it does get you more exposure. Thats a bad word in the publishing industry because it basically means writing for free, but if you do your research and only write for those papers which will in fact pay you for first publication rights, then you get the money and the exposure. Publishing op-eds builds your reputation as an expert on the subjects important to you, and they build your resumà © as well. You will have a more impressive list of publications to add to your author

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The Main Types of Investment Products Research Paper

The Main Types of Investment Products - Research Paper Example All these four asset classes have their own combination of growth and risk associated with it. The asset allocation strategy of an investor among the various asset classes is influenced by a multitude of factors and is as much art as it is science. While investors with more risk appetite will opt for equity-based investment products, an investor who prefers stability or in other words is a risk-averse will prefer Debt/Fixed income investment tools more. However, financial companies have designed investment products that are not pure-play Equity/Fixed income/Cash instruments but are hybrid in nature and have varied components of equity, debt and cash instruments. Pooled investments are managed by professional fund managers and are considered to be safer for individual investors. These pooled investments have exposure to almost all asset classes to spread risk, maintain growth rate and liquidity. Stock represents a part of ownership in a firm. Buying stock of a given company is equivalent to being a part owner of the company, and the investor, in essence, becomes part owner of all future earning of the company. The value of an investment in stock is dependent on the performance of the company. If the company performs well, the value of the investment goes, and vice versa. Investment in stock entails higher risk as compared to other investment products like fixed income/debt/bonds and cash instruments. Additionally, money invested in stock has lower liquidity as compared to other products. However, the possible upside of investment in stock is much higher as compared to other investment products. Investment in stock should be done only after proper research on the company, its future prospects, the market it is operating in and other factors influencing the company. It is very strongly recommended to invest in a group of companies (portfolio) rather than investing in a single company. By investing in companies from different domains and with varied market capitalization, the inherent risk can be substantially managed. However, developing and managing a well spread out portfolio requires a good amount of research, insight and constant tracking that may be difficult for an individual investor. One of the best ways of avoiding this effort is by investing in Mutual Funds. A Mutual fund is an investment company or a trust in which investors pool their funds and invest them in a wide variety of securities. (District Human Resources, n.d.) Â